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Top 3 social issues that divide the rigt wing and the left wing

There are major differences between the left wing and the right wing philosophy. The left wing thinkers look for government support if they cannot provide support for themselves. The right wing, on the other hand, believes that using up government resources to help those in need is not a good thing. They prefer relying on charitable institutions and private sectors. Here are the social issues in which these two wings differ.


The left wing supports abortion rights, but doesn’t believe that abortion is good. The right wings stress on the religious sayings about abortion and they strictly don’t accept it. According to the right wing, a fetus is a living person and doing abortion will be murdering that person.

The death penalty

The left wing philosophers think of death penalty as being barbaric. But the right wing believes that certain crimes should have death penalty. The left wing people oppose death penalty by mentioning that many people on death row were actually innocent in the past. Our justice system is not perfect and innocent people might get killed.

Gay rights

The left wing thinkers support gay marriage and other rights of the gay people. The people who believe in the right wing ideology don’t support gay marriage. They even tell that the employers cannot employ gay workers.

The right and left wings differ in these issues raising debates among people. People have different views on the social issues that often results in protests and movements.