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4 changes you can expect from Trump presidency

As Donald Trump has won the US presidential election, there may be huge changes in the relationship of America with the rest of the world. Here are the major changes you can expect.

Better relationship with Russia

Mr. Trump thinks that he can make the relationship with President Vladimir Putin better and mentioned him as a very powerful leader. Mr. Trump wants a joint fight against the militants of the Islamic State.

Changes in free trade deals

After securing his place in the top three in the Republican caucuses, presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke briefly to a crowd a watch party, Feb 2 in West Des Moines. Trump said, “I love you people, I love you people, thank you very much.”

Mr. Trump’s trade policy will change the way the Americans do business with the rest of the world. He has threatened that he will get rid of some of the existing free trade agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada. The reason for this is job losses. He favors taxing imports and would impose 45% tariffs on Chinese goods and 35% on Mexican goods.

Nuclear weapon deal

Mr. Trump thinks that the Iranian nuclear accord was not a good deal that President Obama made. Trump’s declaration can have huge impact in the Middle East.

Climate change revamp

Mr. Trump declared that he would cancel the Paris Climate Agreement right after he takes his office as the President. He will reverse the climate change regulations that were proposed by President Obama. He will stop the government funding for climate change and clean energy projects.

Many people are extremely worried about Mr Trump’s declarations. They think that it will have huge impact on the lives of the Americans and the relationship of America with the rest of the world.