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3 differences in ideologies between right wing and left wing politics

The main differences between left-wing and right-wing ideologies evolve aroung the power of government against the rights of individuals. The beliefs of left wing are liberal. Here are the differences between the two wings that you should know about.

1. According to the people on the right wing, society achieves the best outcome when the individual rights are higher than that of the government power. According to the right wing thinkers, the government should have extended roles; for example, social security, universal healthcare, free public educaiton, etc.

2. The right wing ideology will support market-based solutions to problems that the government programs must take care of. For example, they will encourage freer marketplace for healthcare. It will be driven by choice of consumers to bring the costs down. They will prefer 401(k) retierement plans than the Social Security plan of the government.

3. The terms left wing and right wing started in the 18th century during the time of French revolution. The names are based on the arrangemetns in the French National Assembly. Those

people sitting on the left of the chair of the parliamentary president supporded the revolution; whereas, those sitting on the right chair opposed the monarchy. Those people sitting on the left, supported radical change.

These are the basic differences between the ideologies of the right wing and left wing thinkers. Looking at the differences in ideologies, you can decide which side you want to take.